Review- Mega Man 11 by PlayerProX
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Review- Mega Man 11 by PlayerProX
September 03, 2023
2 min

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Mega Man 11: Double Gear Goodness Marred by Leaderboard Hackers

Hardcore Mega Man fans, PlayerProX here with a thorough analysis of Mega Man 11’s gameplay, mechanics, and achievements. Having played the series since its inception, I couldn’t wait to see how this latest installment holds up. Despite some glaring issues regarding online leaderboards, Mega Man 11 brings enough challenge and innovation to satisfy my appetite for a competitive gaming experience.

Gearing up with Double Gear

Mega Man 11 sets the stage with high-stakes action as Mega Man attempts to stop Dr. Wily from exploiting the Double Gear system. The 2.5D graphics offer a refreshing take on the classic look and feel of the past titles while clinging on to the franchise’s essence. Introducing the Double Gear system is a bold move, allowing Mega Man two additional abilities – Speed Gear and Power Gear – to add new dimensions to gameplay.

Speed Gear Perks and Tactics

Speed Gear enables Mega Man to slow down time, giving him the edge he needs to dodge enemy attacks. It’s a game-changer for those high-intensity moments where strategic use of this ability can make all the difference in the heat of battle. I suggest mastering the Speed Gear, as it singlehandedly changes boss battles and traversal strategies, making it indispensable in higher difficulty settings.

Power Gear Proficiencies

Power Gear, on the other hand, allows Mega Man to charge up his weapons, unleashing a barrage of devastating shots. Experimenting with the Power Gear is essential for optimal utilization, given that each weapon has unique properties when charged. Remember that overusing the Double Gear system can overheat Mega Man, so knowing when and how to use your gears is crucial.

Classic Mega Man Challenges

Mega Man 11 stays true to the series with its eight linear stages that can be tackled in any order. With a new set of Robot Masters, veterans and newcomers alike can appreciate the challenge of determining the most efficient sequence for tackling the stages. The learning curve remains steep, consistently pushing players to improve their skills and strategies.

Achievement Hunting

While I’m disappointed by the existence of hacked online leaderboards, Mega Man 11 does come with a variety of challenging achievements that add replay value. Whether you’re going for the coveted no-damage run, speed runs, or unlocking all the upgrades, the game offers a satisfying depth for achievement hunters.

Tips for Advanced Players

As a Mega Man aficionado, I encourage experimenting with different Robot Master weapons, as they are well-designed and can provide strategic advantages in both boss fights and regular stages. Charge your Mega Buster often and look out for those strategic moments when gears can help you overcome adversity. And remember, practice makes perfect!


In conclusion, Mega Man 11 delivers an enjoyable, challenging experience that stays true to its roots while offering fresh gameplay mechanics through the Double Gear system. Despite the aggravating issue with hacked online leaderboards, the game provides enough content to keep competitive players engaged. I give Mega Man 11 a solid 4 out of 5 stars.




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