Review- Moonring by PlayerProX
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Review- Moonring by PlayerProX
November 04, 2023
2 min

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Moonring: A Confusing Journey Through Retrofantasy

As someone who thrives on challenging gaming experiences and dedicates time to mastering complex games, I had high expectations for Moonring. However, after spending hours navigating its world, engaging in turn-based combat, and exploring myriad dungeons, I found myself more confused than challenged. Let’s dive into why this title didn’t quite hit the mark.

Classic Turn-Based Action Meets Roguelike Elements

Moonring combines the old school turn-based RPG experience with roguelike elements, creating a nostalgic feel for those who appreciate classic games like the Ultima series. The hand-designed open world of Caldera provides ample opportunities to converse with NPCs and learn the lore while sailing ship-to-ship combat spices up the exploration.

Unfortunately, while I can appreciate the effort put into creating a retro-inspired game, the lack of guidance and a confusing loop of gameplay makes it difficult to enjoy the time spent in this world.

The Neon Nightmare

The neon aesthetic of Moonring is both vibrant and jarring at the same time. While it can be visually appealing, it often becomes overwhelming and distracting during gameplay, especially as you navigate through an infinite number of procedurally generated dungeons. The visual appearance of this title ultimately hurts the overall experience, making it difficult to stay engaged.

Enter the Labyrinth

One of Moonring’s key features is its procedurally generated dungeons that change each time you leave or die. Given my love for the roguelike genre, I was excited to delve into these dungeons – only to be met with constant confusion and ambiguity. The lack of structure made it difficult even to determine where I was or how to proceed, leaving me feeling more frustrated than challenged.

13 Seconds of Music Looping

The soundtrack is another glaring issue in Moonring. While it features a unique dungeon synth OST with over 50 tracks, most of them are just 13-second loops that quickly lose their charm. It’s disappointing to see such a unique soundtrack wasted on repetitive loops that don’t engage hardcore gamers like myself.

The Moonlit Magics and Hidden Systems

Moonring offers a hidden magic system and unique Gift mechanics that change with the moon phases, but the complexity of these systems serves to add even more confusion to an already muddled game experience. Unless one truly dedicates the time to decipher and explore these systems, the potential depth and strategic elements are completely lost.


As a devout hardcore gamer, I was hoping for a game that would challenge my skills and strategic abilities. Instead, Moonring delivered an overly confusing, poorly focused title that does not do justice to modern gaming interests or the classic turn-based RPG roots it attempts to evoke. Navigating the ever-shifting dungeons and piecing together the lore ultimately wasn’t fulfilling, leaving me feeling lost instead of immersed.

Moonring had great potential to be a standout game with its blend of retro-inspired RPG elements, roguelike mechanics, and vibrant aesthetics. Instead, it offers a disjointed and confusing experience that fails to live up to those expectations.

Rating: 2/5 Stars




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