Review- Moonring by RetroGamer84
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Review- Moonring by RetroGamer84
November 04, 2023
2 min

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As a lifelong enthusiast of both vintage games and consoles, it’s not every day that I come across a title that instantly teleports me back to my teenage years. Moonring, a retro-inspired open-world, turn-based RPG, effortlessly managed to transport me back in time, fueled by nostalgia and excitement. This exceptional dark-fantasy game seamlessly fuses together elements of classic turn-based RPGs and roguelikes, all presented in a striking neon aesthetic reminiscent of the iconic Ultima series, but with a modern twist.

Hand-Designed Open World

Moonring successfully transcends the pixelated limitations of classic RPGs with its impressively vast, hand-designed open world. With a meticulously crafted landscape, Caldera breathes new life into its predecessors’ worlds, ensuring that players are compelled to journey through this immersive game universe and uncover its many secrets.

Infinite Dungeon Generation

One of the innovative standout features in Moonring is the ability for players to experience a virtually infinite number of dungeon configurations. Utilizing your own character’s name, new dungeons are continually generated, presenting unique challenges and obstacles each time you traverse this underground labyrinth or meet an untimely demise.

A Myriad of Enemy Types

Moonring doesn’t disappoint when it comes to enemy variety, boasting over 100 different adversaries ranging from standard cannon fodder to formidable boss battles. This guarantees that players will never grow tired of dispatching the malevolent forces that inhabit Caldera, with each foe presenting a new and unique tactical challenge.

Unique Gifts from the Gods

Drawing inspiration from the moon’s mysterious phases, Moonring provides players with 35 distinctive Gifts from the Gods—an intriguing game mechanic that changes according to the celestial body’s current phase. This adds a layer of strategic depth, beckoning players to adjust and adapt their approach depending on the moon’s influence.

Sailing, Ship-to-Ship Combat, and Boarding

Moonring’s seamless integration of sailing mechanics elevates the game, offering players the ability to navigate Caldera’s perilous seas, engage in thrilling ship-to-ship combat, and even board enemy vessels. This dynamic game mechanic adds to Moonring’s already rich and diverse gameplay experience.

Dungeon Synth OST

In true retro fashion, Moonring’s evocative Dungeon Synth OST comprises over 50 tracks, all masterfully crafted using retro Mod Trackers. This hauntingly atmospheric soundtrack pays homage to the RPG classics of the past while setting the perfect audio backdrop for your dark-fantasy adventure.

Hidden Magic System and Other Mysteries

Another captivating element of Moonring lies within its hidden magic system and numerous other enigmas that await discovery. Piecing together these arcane secrets and unraveling the mysterious history of Caldera is a fulfilling endeavor unto itself, adding deeper layers of intrigue and complexity to an already exceptional game.


It’s rare that a game so adeptly encapsulates the spirit and essence of its classic predecessors while incorporating contemporary design sensibilities. Moonring successfully bridges this gap, delivering a gaming experience that both pays tribute to the RPG giants of yesteryear and stands confidently on its own merits. The game’s modern quality-of-life improvements breathe new life into the genre. If you crave a nostalgic, open-world turn-based RPG with a refreshing neon look, then Moonring is undoubtedly an adventure you’ll want to embark on. RetroGamer84 approves this perfect marriage of nostalgia and innovation, awarding Moonring a well-deserved 5 out of 5 stars.




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