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November 05, 2023
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A Nostalgic Trip Back to STAR OCEAN, But Is It Enough?

Visual Style

Let’s start with the graphics. STAR OCEAN THE SECOND STORY R is draped in a unique visual style that blends 2D pixel characters with 3D environments to create a nostalgic 2.5D feel. Don’t get me wrong, the updated graphics are a nice touch, but it’s not quite enough to justify a whole new release for a game that’s already been showcased before.

Newcomers May Enjoy The Ride

For those who have never played the original STAR OCEAN game, this release might be a good starting point. The game has received a modern facelift that’s sure to resonate with both newcomers and fans alike. There are new Japanese and English voice overs, fast-travel options, and original and re-arranged music. The additions are minor, but could provide enough new content for players to enjoy the game for the first time.

Dual Perspectives & Expansive Story

One of the game’s strong points lies in its dual protagonist storytelling. Players can start their journey with either Claude or Rena, and the story will unfold differently depending on their choice - a nice touch that adds replayability. Party member relationships play a significant role in the game, as the unique Private Actions system allows you to grow your connections and unlock various story endings. This, combined with the new character illustrations from long-term series artist Yukihiro, brings the game’s narrative to life in an immersive way.

Same Old Game Mechanics

While STAR OCEAN THE SECOND STORY R does have its share of improvements, the basic game mechanics have remained the same. The battles are still the same old mechanics we’ve seen in the original game, with no significant innovations or improvements made to the system. A modernized JRPG should bring something new to the table, but this release seems to stick to the old formula a little too closely.

Time Investment

It’s important to keep in mind that STAR OCEAN THE SECOND STORY R is quite a long-winded game, requiring players to invest a significant chunk of time to get through the story. If you’ve already played the original, the minor additions might not be enough to warrant a second run.


STAR OCEAN THE SECOND STORY R brings a classic JRPG back to life with a few modern additions, but it fails to provide enough new content to justify a full remake for those who are already familiar with the game. Newcomers to the series might find something to enjoy with its updated visuals, dual protagonist narrative, and various optional content to explore. But for those who have already experienced the original STAR OCEAN, it’s best to weigh up whether a slightly enhanced version of the same game is worth revisiting. Rating: 3 Stars




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