TEVI: An Exhilarating Blend of Genres - Review by PlayerProX
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TEVI: An Exhilarating Blend of Genres - Review by PlayerProX
December 06, 2023
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TEVI Cover Art

Release Date: Nov 29, 2023
Available on: Steam, Official TEVI Website, CreSpirit


Developed by CreSpirit, TEVI is an action-packed metroidvania game with bullet hell elements that present a unique and challenging gaming experience. As PlayerProX, someone who relishes complex and competitive games, I was intrigued by TEVI’s ambitious combination of genres.

Gameplay and Mechanics


TEVI’s combat is a thrilling mix of agility and strategy. The protagonist Tevi, armed with a dagger and wrench, provides a dynamic combat experience. The game truly tests your endurance with its boss fights. These encounters are long, with bosses having multiple health bars and a myriad of attack patterns.

Customization and Exploration

The game offers extensive customization, with over 300 items and pieces of equipment. This depth allows players like me to delve into the game’s mechanics and optimize Tevi’s abilities to suit various playstyles.

World Building

The world of Az is richly detailed, offering a blend of vibrant towns and regions. The story unfolds through encounters with unique characters, each contributing to the game’s immersive narrative.


Graphics and Sound

The pixel graphics are beautifully executed, with anime influences that add charm to the character designs. The game’s soundtrack enhances the fast-paced nature of gameplay, providing an engaging auditory experience.

Writing and Themes

TEVI’s writing stands out, especially for its use of humor. The game’s story balances lighter moments with an overarching adventure, making for an engaging and entertaining narrative.

TEVI Bosses


TEVI is a commendable game for those who enjoy a blend of metroidvania and bullet hell genres. Its challenging boss fights and engaging story, combined with deep customization options, make it a rewarding experience. The game’s humor and narrative depth add to its appeal, ensuring that TEVI is not just a test of skill, but a genuinely enjoyable journey.

Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐ (4 Stars)




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