If you’re a fan of sci-fi and fascinated by survival crafting games, “Abiotic Factor” could be worth your time. However, for those who prefer casual gameplay and relaxation, this title might evoke mixed feelings.

Engaging Gameplay Mechanics

“Abiotic Factor” immerses you in the world of GATE, a network of secretive research labs. Set in a massive subterranean complex, the game focuses on crafting and survival. Up to six players can team up, each choosing a unique PhD specialization. This cooperative aspect is engaging, allowing diverse gameplay strategies to outwit various threats.

screenshot_0_Abiotic Factor: A Sci-Fi Survival Experience

Complex Crafting System

For casual gamers, the crafting system might feel overwhelming. Creating weapons, traps, and tools from an array of resources demands attention to detail and time investment—not ideal for short, relaxing sessions.

Nostalgic Sci-Fi Aesthetic

The game’s 90’s sci-fi aesthetic is a nostalgic treat, with rich textures and well-designed environments. Dimly lit labs and corridors filled with supernatural artifacts and enemies keep you on your toes.

screenshot_1_Abiotic Factor: A Sci-Fi Survival Experience

High-Stress Survival Elements

The constant threat from alien entities and a rogue military faction, The Order, elevates stress levels. This can detract from the relaxing experience casual players might seek.

Compelling Narrative

The storyline revolves around a catastrophic containment breach leading to chaos. You, as a scientist, must navigate this hostile environment using your wits. Character progression is tied to your chosen PhD, allowing personalized gameplay paths. While compelling, the high-octane atmosphere and need for vigilance can be challenging for casual gamers.

screenshot_2_Abiotic Factor: A Sci-Fi Survival Experience


  • Engaging cooperative gameplay
  • Nostalgic 90’s sci-fi aesthetic
  • Rich, immersive environments
  • Diverse character progression tied to PhD specializations


  • Overwhelming crafting system
  • High-stress survival elements
  • Not ideal for short, relaxing sessions

screenshot_3_Abiotic Factor: A Sci-Fi Survival Experience

Final Thoughts

“Abiotic Factor” is a unique blend of sci-fi survival and crafting, emphasizing cooperative gameplay. It excels in delivering an immersive and challenging experience but may not suit those seeking a more casual gaming session. If you enjoy meticulously crafting and surviving in a high-stress environment, you’ll find plenty to love here.

Rating: 3 out of 5 stars

Pro Tip for Beginners

Start by choosing a PhD specialization that complements your playstyle. Whether it’s a Plant Geneticist for resource management or a Defense Analyst for combat strategies, having a clear role can make the complex mechanics more manageable and enjoyable.

screenshot_4_Abiotic Factor: A Sci-Fi Survival Experience

“Abiotic Factor” stands out in the survival crafting genre, but its intricate systems and relentless threats might be a hurdle for casual gamers. Engage with friends and communicate effectively for the best experience in this sci-fi survival tale.

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