Capcom has always been a powerhouse in the gaming industry, consistently delivering iconic titles. Recently, they held the Capcom ‘Super Elections,’ where fans voted for their favorite games. As someone who has been enjoying games since the NES days, it’s exciting to see the results and how they reflect the enduring appeal of these classics.

Mega Man: The Blue Bomber Still Blasts Ahead

Mega Man remains a beloved franchise, known for its precise platforming and challenging boss battles. The classic NES-era titles were particularly popular in the ‘Super Elections,’ highlighting the lasting appeal of the Blue Bomber. Fans are eagerly awaiting new updates, whether it’s a new entry or remasters of the old classics.

Resident Evil: Fear Never Ages

The Resident Evil series, a cornerstone of survival horror, also received significant recognition. The early PlayStation titles, with their gripping storylines and challenging puzzles, left a lasting impact on the genre. Following the successful remakes of Resident Evil 2 and 3, there’s a strong desire among fans for a remake of Resident Evil: Code Veronica, hoping to see Claire Redfield’s journey brought to life with modern graphics and gameplay.

Phoenix Wright: A Court of Cleverness

Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney, while not as prominently highlighted as Mega Man or Resident Evil, still made a notable impression in the ‘Super Elections.’ The series transformed courtroom drama into a captivating adventure filled with clever puzzles and engaging narratives. The hope is that Capcom will continue to deliver more of these intellectually stimulating cases.

The Legacy Lives On

The ‘Super Elections’ showcased some of Capcom’s finest works, reaffirming their lasting legacy. It’s encouraging to see both new and old audiences embracing these classics. This event not only celebrates the rich history of Capcom’s games but also sparks anticipation for future updates, remakes, and new entries in these beloved franchises.

Here’s to the magic of Capcom, the nostalgia of retro games, and the exciting future for our favorite titles.