Enter the Gungeon is a wild ride into the heart of bullet-hell chaos that will test even the most seasoned speedrunner’s mettle. As someone who lives and breathes speed and precision, I was immediately intrigued by the promise of challenging floors filled with frenetic action, danger, and quirky charm. Let’s barrel through this bullet-filled dungeon crawler and see how it stacks up.

Bullet-Dodging Ballet

Enter the Gungeon doesn’t pull any punches. It thrusts you into a bullet-dodging ballet where every move must be precise and every decision critical. You will dodge, shoot, and use the environment, such as flipping tables for cover. It’s exhilarating to weave through the hailstorm of bullets while plotting your next attack.

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Steep Difficulty

However, Enter the Gungeon’s challenging nature may not appeal to everyone. If you don’t enjoy intense reflex-based gameplay, or if you prefer a more relaxed pace, this might not be for you. The steep difficulty curve can be frustrating for those not committed to mastering its intricacies.

Vibrant Art Style

The art style of Enter the Gungeon is endearing and vibrant, with pixel art that brings the bullet-hell madness to life. Creatively designed enemies, known as the Gundead, populate distinct and character-filled floors. Smooth animations and satisfying visual effects make every shot and explosion thrilling. However, high-intensity moments can create visual clutter, making it easy to lose track of your character.

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Quirky Narrative

The narrative centers around a band of misfit heroes each looking to escape their troubled past. Though the storyline is intriguing, the action takes precedence. Quirky characters and humorous dialogue add a light-hearted feel to the intense gameplay. While the story isn’t the main draw, it provides enough motivation to keep you diving back into the Gungeon.

High Replayability

The game’s replayability is one of its biggest strengths. Procedurally generated levels ensure that no two runs are the same, and discovering new secrets and weapons constantly entices you back. The array of unique guns, ranging from practical to bizarre, keeps gameplay fresh and exciting.

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Co-Op Mode

Co-op mode offers a shared experience where you and a friend can tackle the Gungeon together. This adds a layer of strategy and teamwork, enhancing the game’s appeal.


The steep difficulty curve can be a double-edged sword. Overcoming challenging levels is satisfying, but the unforgiving nature may deter some players. Newcomers might struggle to progress, and without perseverance, the game could become frustrating.

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As a speedrunner, I appreciate the tight controls, fast-paced action, and endless optimization possibilities. However, I also recognize the game’s potential pitfalls for others. Its challenging nature isn’t for everyone, so if you’re seeking a more casual gaming experience, you might want to steer clear.

Ultimately, Enter the Gungeon offers a thrilling and unique experience that stands out among bullet-hell dungeon crawlers. If you enjoy intense, reflex-based gameplay and crave a challenge, this game will provide hours of satisfying, adrenaline-pumping action.

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Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

Summary: Enter the Gungeon excels in fast-paced, intricate gameplay but has a high difficulty and steep learning curve. It’s a solid pick for those who love challenges and thrive on bullet-hell mayhem.

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