Goat Simulator 3 is back, and so is Pilgor, ready to wreak havoc across the land of San Angora. If you thought the original Goat Simulator was absurd, brace yourself; this installment takes absurdity to a whole new level.

The core mechanics of Goat Simulator 3 remain true to its predecessor: you control a goat that can lick, headbutt, and cause all sorts of mayhem. The developers have enriched the experience with all-new features, including a myriad of goats to choose from, extensive customization options, and a slew of mini-games. You’ll also find events, NPCs to interact with, and a ton of collectibles scattered throughout the map.

screenshot_0_Goat Simulator 3: A Sequel You Didn't Know You Needed... Or Did You?

One of the game’s standout features is its ragdoll physics, which create a hilariously chaotic environment. This is not a game that takes itself seriously, and it thrives on the unexpected outcomes its physics engine can produce.

Goat Simulator 3 boasts improved graphics compared to the original, though it still maintains that signature slapdash charm. The textures are more refined, and the open world of San Angora is more detailed and vibrant. While it won’t win any awards for realism, the graphical style fits perfectly with the game’s zaniness.

screenshot_1_Goat Simulator 3: A Sequel You Didn't Know You Needed... Or Did You?

Calling the plot of Goat Simulator 3 a “storyline” is a bit of a stretch. There is no grand narrative or deep lore to uncover; rather, the game is a sandbox for you to create your own escapades. This approach is both a strength and a weakness—while the lack of structure allows for creative freedom, it can also feel aimless at times.

While Pilgor is the protagonist, she is far from the only star of the show. The game introduces a variety of goat characters, each with unique skins and hilarious costumes. Whether you want to be a tall goat, a striped goat, or even a goat in a jetpack, there’s a goat for every whim. NPCs add another layer of absurdity, reacting to your chaos in unexpected and humorous ways.

screenshot_2_Goat Simulator 3: A Sequel You Didn't Know You Needed... Or Did You?

Goat Simulator 3 is a mixed bag. On one hand, its chaotic and unpredictable nature makes for laugh-out-loud moments and a unique gaming experience. On the other hand, its lack of direction can lead to a sense of aimlessness. The inclusion of online and local co-op is a welcome addition, allowing you to share the madness with friends.

If you enjoyed the original Goat Simulator, you’ll find plenty to like here. However, if you prefer structured gameplay and coherent narratives, this might not be the game for you.

screenshot_3_Goat Simulator 3: A Sequel You Didn't Know You Needed... Or Did You?

Rating: 2 out of 5 stars

Goat Simulator 3 offers a hilarious and chaotic sandbox experience, but its lack of direction and depth may not appeal to everyone. It’s a fun diversion and fantastic in short bursts, but it won’t hold your attention for long marathons.

screenshot_4_Goat Simulator 3: A Sequel You Didn't Know You Needed... Or Did You?

Pro Tip for Beginners: Experiment with different goat skins and abilities to maximize your chaos. Don’t hesitate to explore every corner of San Angora; hidden collectibles and events add layers of hilarity and fun!

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