If there’s a genre that always strikes a chord with gamers of all ages, it’s party games. Unlike sports and military-themed games that tend to bore me, party games like Mario Party Superstars offer a thrilling mix of luck and skill. As a fan of Super Mario 64 and Celeste, I couldn’t wait to dive into this title. Let’s explore its fun moments and how speedrunning tactics can surprisingly come into play.

Core Gameplay

Mario Party Superstars revolves around traversing a board game layout, collecting stars, and derailing opponents’ progress with clever moves and a bit of luck. The game shines with classic boards from the series’ early days and a hundred mini-games, mixing button-mashing and skill-based challenges.

screenshot_0_Mario Party Superstars: A Nostalgic Blast with a Modern Twist

For speedrunning enthusiasts, mini-games offer excellent opportunities. Shaving off microseconds in each mini-game can speed up a board playthrough. Features like item management and strategic movement can significantly cut down overall playtime, giving speedrunners a competitive edge.

Stunning Visuals

Mario Party Superstars beautifully marries the charm of its classic predecessors with refined modern graphics. Vibrant colors pop off the screen, and characters are animated with Nintendo’s signature whimsical style. Every board is a treat, filled with delightful details – from Peach’s Birthday Cake to Space Land.

screenshot_1_Mario Party Superstars: A Nostalgic Blast with a Modern Twist

Engaging Multiplayer

While Mario Party Superstars doesn’t offer a deep narrative, it doesn’t need one. The game leans into its premise: a fun-filled competition to gather stars and claim victory. The real story unfolds in the competitive multiplayer environment, where friendships are tested, and rivalries are born.

Beloved Characters

The game features a roster of beloved characters from the Mario universe. While they don’t undergo character development, each brings unique charm and nostalgia. Playing as Mario, Luigi, Peach, or Bowser offers joy, especially for long-time fans of the series.

screenshot_2_Mario Party Superstars: A Nostalgic Blast with a Modern Twist

Overall Impressions

Mario Party Superstars is a nostalgic trip down memory lane, revamped for the modern gaming landscape. It fuses classic gameplay with contemporary features. Playing through old boards with new tricks and competing in remastered mini-games brings delight whether playing solo or with friends. The addition of online play elevates the party mode, expanding possibilities for social play.

screenshot_3_Mario Party Superstars: A Nostalgic Blast with a Modern Twist


  • Classic and new mini-games
  • Vibrant, nostalgic graphics
  • Engaging multiplayer modes


  • Lack of a deep narrative
  • Heavily reliant on luck

screenshot_4_Mario Party Superstars: A Nostalgic Blast with a Modern Twist

Final Verdict

If you’re a fan of party games where luck and strategy intertwine, Mario Party Superstars is a must-play. It’s perfect for nostalgic fans and newcomers to the series. Families and friends looking for an engaging local or online multiplayer experience will find plenty to love.

Pro Tip: Utilize item shops wisely! Stocking up on key items like the Golden Pipe can transport you closer to the stars, giving you an edge over opponents.

While Mario Party Superstars may not reach the heights of my favorite games like Mega Man or Dead Cells, it embodies the spirit of fun, competition, and nostalgia that the Mario Party series is renowned for. This game earns a well-deserved place in any party game collection.

Rating: 3 out of 5 stars

Want to check it out yourself? Click here to see it on Nintendo.