A cozy living room in 1988 equipped with a large wood-paneled TV set for a Super Mario Bros. 2 a game session.

RetroGamer84 Ah, what an era to love video games! This feels like a dream come true, quite literally. Mario’s having dream adventures in Super Mario Bros. 2. It’s still hard to grasp that this game didn’t even start as a Mario game.

GamerFan It’s incredible! They reworked Yume Kōjō: Dokidoki Panic into what we now know as Mario’s dreamland escapade. And to think, we might have never gotten to play a Mario game this different. I love how you can choose to play as Mario, Luigi, Toad, or Princess Peach. Each character has their unique abilities too.

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RetroGamer84 Exactly! For example, Princess Peach can hover for a bit, which is super handy. Luigi jumps the highest, Toad is the fastest, and Mario is, well, the Mario we love, balanced in all abilities. It adds strategy to the game.

GamerFan Now, how about we dive in? I’m definitely picking Peach for her floating ability.

They start up Super Mario Bros. 2 and begin playing, navigating Toad through the colorful, imaginative levels of Subcon.

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RetroGamer84 This game is so vibrant! The graphics are rather impressive for the NES. And the music… so catchy. Koji Kondo never disappoints.

GamerFan Completely agree. Here’s a game tip: whenever you come across a potion and a patch of land without enemies, use the potion and go through the door it creates. It’s a great way to discover hidden mushrooms and other bonuses.

RetroGamer84 Good one! I also noticed that you can stock up on extra lives by collecting coins and using them in the bonus games. Every little advantage counts when dealing with bosses like Mouser or Tryclyde.

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GamerFan Speaking of the bosses, remember Wart at the end? (Spoiler alert!) That fight was tough but fun. The idea of feeding him vegetables to defeat him—now that’s a twist. Ultimate proof that veggies can be good for you in unexpected ways, right?

RetroGamer84 Exactly. And seeing Wart spitting out those bubbles back at him is a satisfying end to a challenging game. The character designs for the enemies are stellar as well; Shy Guys and Birdo are so iconic.

GamerFan It’s no wonder that the team at Nintendo R&D4, led by the legendary Shigeru Miyamoto, managed to create such memorable characters. Did you know they were simultaneously working on The Legend of Zelda? Such prolific developers!

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RetroGamer84 Makes sense why their games always end up being instant classics. Did you also hear? Rumor has it that Nintendo is working on another Zelda game. This could really be a golden era for the NES.

GamerFan I wouldn’t be surprised, considering how revolutionizing these games have been. By the way, another game tip: in multiplayer sessions, take turns playing different characters. Each player can share the strengths of each character, making it through tougher levels efficiently.

RetroGamer84 Great idea! And sharing the awesome experience of this game with a friend adds to the fun. It’s crazy to think this all started from Mario having a simple dream.

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GamerFan Indeed. From dreamlands to game couches, Super Mario Bros. 2 has firmly placed itself in our favorite NES memories. By the way, you see that article in Nintendo Power about upcoming power-ups in games? The future is looking bright for us gamers.

RetroGamer84 Cheers to that! But for now, we’ve got a dreamland to save. Ready for the next level?

GamerFan Always!

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Their controllers in hand, they continue adventuring through the landscapes of Subcon, discussing strategies, and enjoying the best gaming can offer in 1988.

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