The Last of Us Part I: A PC Masterpiece with a Narrative Focus

The Last of Us Part I is a game that needs no introduction. With over 200 Game of the Year awards, it has garnered a reputation as one of the most critically acclaimed titles in the gaming industry. Now optimized for the PC, including a plethora of enhancements and customization options, this version promises to bring the unforgettable journey of Joel and Ellie into a new realm of visual and auditory fidelity. But does it live up to the hype for a hardcore gamer like myself? Let’s delve into the nitty-gritty.

screenshot_0_The Last of Us Part I: A Brutal Masterpiece on PC

Survival and Strategic Combat

The gameplay rests heavily on survival mechanics, resource management, and strategic combat. Navigating through a post-apocalyptic world, players are required to scavenge supplies meticulously, craft weapons and health kits, and engage in both stealth and direct confrontations with enemies. The game’s AI is intelligently designed to adapt to your strategies, forcing you to constantly rethink your approach. However, for someone used to the twitchy, fast-paced nature of shooters and competitive multiplayer games, the slower, methodical pace might seem like a grind.

Stunning Graphics

This PC version offers an incredible array of graphics enhancements including support for AMD FSR 2.2, Nvidia DLSS Super Resolution, 4K resolutions, and ultra-wide monitor support. The environments are breathtakingly detailed, from the overgrown ruins of urban landscapes to the eerie interiors of abandoned buildings. The attention to graphical fidelity is nothing short of spectacular, making it an immersive experience. But let’s be honest, none of these graphical bells and whistles can save the game if it doesn’t deliver on gameplay.

screenshot_1_The Last of Us Part I: A Brutal Masterpiece on PC

Emotional Storytelling

The storytelling is where The Last of Us Part I truly shines. The narrative is deeply emotional, focusing on the relationship between Joel and Ellie as they traverse a ravaged America. The character development is profound; you’ll find yourself genuinely caring about their survival. This is a linear story that is executed exceptionally well, but for those like me who crave the freedom of open-world or sandbox games, it might feel somewhat restrictive.


The Last of Us Part I is undeniably a masterpiece in storytelling and atmospheric design, now beautifully optimized for the PC. The game’s strengths lie in its narrative and the emotive journey of the characters, meticulously crafted environments, and its polished gameplay mechanics. However, for hardcore gamers who thrive on competitive, fast-paced genres, it may not completely hit the mark. It provides a rich and grounded experience but be prepared for a slower pace and a linear progression.

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

screenshot_2_The Last of Us Part I: A Brutal Masterpiece on PC

Final Thoughts

Recommended for players who appreciate deep narratives and atmospheric worlds, but may not satisfy those seeking high-octane action and competitive gameplay.

Gaming Tip for Beginners

Tip: Conserve your resources. Crafting materials and ammo are scarce, so use them wisely and always scout your surroundings for hidden supplies.

Final Rating

The Last of Us Part I on PC offers stunning graphics and deep storytelling but may feel slow for competitive gamers. A must-play for narrative enthusiasts.

screenshot_3_The Last of Us Part I: A Brutal Masterpiece on PC

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