War Robots: Tactical Warfare for the Patient Gamer

War Robots is a tactical game that pits players against each other in 6v6 PvP battles, throwing you into the chaotic world of robot warfare. As a game specialist known for speedrunning and overall efficiency, I’ll say this: War Robots is a genre I generally avoid. I’m more inclined towards games that test my reflexes and allow for speedy completion. Tactical combat games like War Robots often require a patient, planning-heavy approach that contrasts sharply with my preferred fast-paced gameplay.

Diverse Robots and Weapons

War Robots stands out with its 45 diverse battle robots and over 50 weapon types, ranging from ballistic missiles to plasma guns. This extensive variety allows for numerous combinations and customizations, giving players the freedom to tailor their war machines to fit their playstyle. However, the game’s pacing can feel sluggish, especially during tactical maneuvers and resource management. For someone driven by speed and efficiency, the methodical pace can be a mood dampener.

screenshot_0_War Robots: Tactical Warfare at Your Fingertips

Robust Graphics

The graphics in War Robots are robust for a mobile-to-PC port. The robots are intricately designed, and the 12 combat maps are diverse, offering different terrains and tactical advantages. Despite this, the visual polish does not compensate for the slower gameplay mechanics. While the graphics are commendable, they aren’t revolutionary or particularly memorable in the broader gaming landscape.

Lack of Narrative

War Robots primarily focuses on PvP battles, offering little in terms of a storyline or character development. For gamers like me, who appreciate a rich narrative or engaging characters even in speedruns, this is a downside. The lack of a compelling storyline means there’s no emotional investment in the battles, making repetitive matches feel mundane over time.

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Customization and Community

The most notable strength of War Robots is its variety of robots and weapons, which offer countless tactical options. The clan creation and multiplayer aspects foster a sense of community, allowing players to strategize and compete on a global scale. If you enjoy nitty-gritty tactical warfare, the tactical depth and customization options will certainly grasp your attention.

Pacing and Learning Curve

The game’s biggest weakness is its pacing. The slow, methodical gameplay can deter those who crave quick, high-octane action. The lack of a narrative also leaves much to be desired, making the experience feel empty for story-driven gamers. Additionally, there’s a steep learning curve, which may discourage casual players or those new to tactical combat games.

screenshot_2_War Robots: Tactical Warfare at Your Fingertips


War Robots is a game with much potential, especially for fans of tactical combat who enjoy deep customization and multiplayer engagements. However, for gamers like me who thrive on speed and efficiency, the slow pacing and lack of an engaging storyline are significant drawbacks. The game’s strengths lie in its variety and tactical depth, but these aspects may not be enough to keep players who prefer fast-paced action and completion-focused gameplay interested.

Rating: 2 out of 5 stars

screenshot_3_War Robots: Tactical Warfare at Your Fingertips

Final Thoughts

If tactical warfare with a focus on customization and multiplayer battles intrigues you, War Robots is worth a try. But if you’re like me and prefer games that are quick, story-rich, and immediate, you might want to steer clear.

Gaming Tip for Beginners

Tip: Focus on mastering one robot and its weapons before expanding your arsenal. This will help you understand the game’s mechanics and improve your strategic planning.

Final Rating

War Robots offers deep customization and tactical gameplay but may feel slow for those who prefer fast-paced action. Ideal for fans of tactical combat.

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