Animal Well: The Indie Game Making Waves

The gaming landscape is evolving rapidly, and indie games are emerging as serious contenders for the prestigious Game of the Year (GOTY) title. Notably, one standout title is Animal Well, powered by the much-talked-about company, Big Mode.

The Indie Surge

The gaming industry has long been dominated by AAA titles with massive budgets and extensive development teams. These games boast impressive graphics and elaborate gameplay, often supported by extensive marketing campaigns. However, in recent years, the indie scene has exploded, significantly challenging the dominance of big studios. Consequently, players now enjoy a diverse array of unique, innovative, and compelling games that often match the polish and charm of their big-budget counterparts. As a result, the gaming landscape has become more dynamic and competitive, offering gamers a broader selection of high-quality experiences.

Enter Animal Well

Among these indie gems, Animal Well is attracting massive attention. Created by solo developer Billy Basso under Big Mode, it’s an atmospheric puzzle-platformer that harks back to the exploratory roots cherished by retro gamers. Let’s be clear: Animal Well isn’t just riding on nostalgia—it masterfully combines the old with the new. With its mysterious, beautifully animated pixel art and ambient audio landscape, the game draws players into an enigmatic world brimming with wonder.

Big Mode: A Game-Changer?

So, what is Big Mode, and why should you care? Think of Big Mode as the modern-day alchemist turning indie visions into gaming gold. Founded by gaming influencer VideoGameDunkey, the studio identifies the best indie developers and supports their projects, giving them the resources and spotlight they need to succeed. Essentially, Big Mode is like the ’90s gaming mags we used to adore, but instead of just reporting on the best games, they’re bringing them to life.

The Allure of Innovation

Big Mode’s backing of Animal Well isn’t just about financial power; it’s about highlighting the game’s ingenuity and emotional resonance. As someone who fell in love with the intricate dungeons of Zelda and the sprawling narratives of Final Fantasy, I can assure you that the indie scene—spearheaded by endeavors like Animal Well—holds the same kind of enchantment. Indeed, the game requires players to think, explore, and immerse themselves in an intricate, living world.

The Future of Indie Gaming

With Big Mode’s innovative strategy and the undeniable allure of Animal Well, we’re witnessing a clear paradigm shift. For years, indie games have been building momentum, chipping away at AAA dominance. Now, with passionate developers and visionary studios, we might just witness an indie game snagging a GOTY award. Imagine the accolades pouring in—indie developers proving that creativity and passion trump sheer budget size.


In this ever-evolving landscape, where the old meets the new in a spectacular fusion of pixels and polygons, Animal Well is a stunning example of what the future holds. Retro lovers and modern gamers alike, this could be the year we see an indie game rise to the pinnacle. And it’s all thanks to Big Mode’s championing of creative brilliance.

So, dust off your old consoles, pick up your retro controllers, and dive into the magical realms the indie scene has to offer—you won’t be disappointed. Meanwhile, keep your eyes on Animal Well and Big Mode; they’re shaping the gaming future right before our eyes.