Content Warning: A Fresh Spin on Co-Op Horror for Hardcore Gamers

As someone who thrives on the high-stakes world of competitive gaming, co-op horror isn’t typically my scene. I usually prefer the adrenaline-pumping, reflex-testing realm of competitive multiplayer matches. Yet, Content Warning managed to captivate me, merging unique horror experiences with aspects that appeal to hardcore players.

Unique Premise

Content Warning offers a fresh take on the co-op horror genre. You and up to three friends become paranormal content creators, venturing into the eerie “Old World” to capture footage of haunting phenomena. Armed with flashlights, a handheld camera, and various gear, your goal is to film spooky content before your resources deplete or you lose your teammates.

screenshot_0_Content Warning

Engaging Gameplay Loop

The gameplay loop is engagingly simple: gather your crew, descend into the depths, record chilling encounters, and return to the surface. Upload your footage to the in-game platform ‘SpöökTube’ for views and ad revenue, which can be spent on upgrading equipment.

Art Style and Atmosphere

Content Warning uses an art style that is both retro and modern. The ASCII face customization tool adds nostalgic charm, while the eerie environments and meticulously animated monsters create a spine-chilling atmosphere. The use of lighting and shadows intensifies the horror elements during your expeditions.

screenshot_1_Content Warning

Straightforward Storyline

The storyline centers around your team’s quest for viral fame. While it lacks depth compared to narrative-heavy titles, the simplicity works in the game’s favor. It allows players to focus more on the immersive co-op gameplay and raw supernatural encounters. The characters, driven by their quest for internet stardom, add a humorous and light-hearted touch amidst the tension.

screenshot_2_Content Warning


  • Innovative Premise: Fresh spin on co-op horror with a content creator theme.
  • Engaging Gameplay: Simple yet addictive gameplay loop of exploration and footage capturing.
  • Atmospheric Art Style: Retro-modern visuals with effective use of lighting and shadows.
  • Humorous Characters: Light-hearted characters bring humor to the tense setting.


  • Shallow Storyline: Lacks depth compared to more narrative-driven games.
  • Limited Appeal: May not hold the same excitement for hardcore competitive gamers.


Content Warning promises chills and thrills through an innovative co-op horror experience. While it may not appeal as much as competitive or complex strategy games, it offers a different kind of excitement that’s incredibly rewarding, especially with friends. If you’re in the mood for something uniquely spooky that lets you team up for a shared scare, this game is worth checking out.

screenshot_3_Content Warning

Pro Tip for Beginners

Focus on teamwork and communication. Make sure to stay close to your teammates and share resources. Always have an escape plan and watch each other’s backs to maximize your chances of capturing valuable footage and surviving the eerie encounters.


3 out of 5 Stars – A uniquely spooky co-op horror game that provides a different kind of thrill, especially when played with friends.

Want to check it out yourself? Click here to see it on Steam.