Action-adventure games have always held a special place in my heart, especially those blending mystery and exploration. “Luigi’s Mansion 3” caught my interest with its unique ghost-hunting take. Unlike repetitive sports or military games, “Luigi’s Mansion 3” offers a refreshing escape into a whimsical, spooky world, showcasing Nintendo’s creativity.

screenshot_0_Exploring the Eerie Charm of Luigi's Mansion 3

Engaging Gameplay Mechanics

At its core, “Luigi’s Mansion 3” follows Luigi’s exploits within the towering Last Resort hotel. The all-new Poltergust G-00, a ghost-busting vacuum, is central to the gameplay. Players use the Poltergust G-00 to capture ghosts, solve puzzles, and interact with the environment. Features like the Slam, Suction Shot, and Burst add layers of strategy and fun to combat and puzzle-solving.

The introduction of Gooigi—a gooey doppelganger of Luigi—adds a unique twist. Gooigi can slip through tight spaces, walk on spikes, and help Luigi overcome obstacles. Players can switch between Luigi and Gooigi in single-player mode or opt for a two-player co-op experience, enhancing the game’s versatility and fun.

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Stunning Visuals and Artistic Style

“Luigi’s Mansion 3” boasts vibrant and engaging visuals. Each floor of the Last Resort hotel is meticulously designed with its unique theme and aesthetic. From grimy décor to atmospheric lighting, the game immerses players in its spooky yet charming world. Fluid animations and whimsical yet eerie ghost designs contribute to the hauntingly delightful ambiance.

Compelling Storyline

The storyline follows Luigi, who, along with Mario and friends, is invited to the Last Resort hotel. However, the seemingly perfect vacation turns into a nightmare when Mario and his friends go missing. It’s up to Luigi, armed with the Poltergust G-00, to brave his fears, rescue his friends, and unravel the mystery of the hotel. The story is engaging, filled with humorous and heartwarming moments that add depth to the experience.

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Endearing Characters

Luigi, often underrated compared to Mario, shines as the protagonist. His character development showcases a blend of bravery and fragility. Gooigi introduces new dynamics to gameplay and storytelling. Other characters, including various ghosts and quirky hotel bosses, add personality to the game, making each encounter memorable.

Overall Impressions

My journey through “Luigi’s Mansion 3” was a rollercoaster of eerie exploration and ghostly encounters. The game’s innovative mechanics, visually appealing graphics, and engaging storyline create an enjoyable experience. Well-crafted puzzles require a balance of ingenuity and skill, while boss battles provide just the right amount of challenge.

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  • Innovative gameplay mechanics
  • Vibrant and engaging visuals
  • Compelling and humorous storyline
  • Endearing characters


  • Occasional repetition in gameplay

screenshot_4_Exploring the Eerie Charm of Luigi's Mansion 3

Final Verdict

If you love action-adventure games with exploration and puzzle-solving, “Luigi’s Mansion 3” is a must-play. Its charming, slightly spooky atmosphere suits players of all ages. Whether you enjoy solo adventures or playing with friends, this game offers a delightful blend of both experiences.

Pro Tip: Make full use of Gooigi’s unique abilities early on! Seamlessly switching between Luigi and Gooigi helps overcome tricky puzzles and makes ghost-hunting more efficient.

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

“Luigi’s Mansion 3” captures whimsical ghost-hunting with a charmingly eerie twist, making it a delightful addition to any action-adventure fan’s collection.

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