RetroGamer84 Alright, GamerFan. Here we go—Hydlide time! Wow, this game, man. It’s like Zelda and RPG had a baby, but somehow dropped it on its head when it was young. Ever heard of this one before?

GamerFan Oh, absolutely. I read about it in Nintendo Power last month. They described it as, and I quote, ‘a game that combines the adventure of Zelda with a role-playing twist.’ Spoilers ahead, but let’s aim to beat Varalys today, shall we?

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RetroGamer84 Now that sounds like a challenge I’m ready for. Just look at the graphics! It’s like someone found an old bag of pixels and threw them onto the screen. Such charm, right?

GamerFan Haha! The graphics do scream 1986. Still, there’s something nostalgic about this pixel art. I mean, look at Sir Jim there, our brave hero. He’s got, what, three frames of animation?

Screenshot 2

RetroGamer84 True, and moving is quite an ordeal. The game is like navigating quicksand. Speaking of quicksand, the combat—bumping into enemies? That’s reminiscent of the Ys series, don’t you think?

GamerFan Very much so. Only it’s less bump and more—yikes, who put this enemy here? Defensive stance, here we go! So, got any tips on taking down these enemies?

Screenshot 3

RetroGamer84 Absolutely. Always switch between offensive and defensive stances; it’s crucial. Bumping into enemies from the front while in an offensive stance is more effective and dealing with them from the sides or back is just suicide. Pro tip: Use your magic wisely! Don’t waste it on weaker foes.

GamerFan Great advice. Also, always save before entering dungeons. There’s a maze-like quality to them that makes it easy to get lost, not to mention the surprise attacks from enemies. Speaking of magic, make sure to gather magic crystals; they’ll be lifesavers later.

Screenshot 4

RetroGamer84 It feels like another world entirely. Oh, and do you remember that article in Electronic Gaming Monthly? It noted that T&E Soft, the creators, are better known in Japan for their advanced tech in Golf Simulators. Can you imagine? From golf to fantasy RPGs. No wonder things feel a bit… rough around the edges.

GamerFan Yeah, the transition wasn’t exactly smooth, was it? Anyway, entering this forest looks dangerous. Ready for the infamous tree maze?

Screenshot 5

RetroGamer84 As ready as I can be. So, this game has turned Ann into three fairies, huh? Varalys didn’t think one fairy was enough? But let’s not miss the details—explore every nook and cranny. Hydlide has hidden treasures everywhere.

GamerFan Absolutely. There, we have all three fairies! Time to face Varalys. An evil demon surely knows how to throw a final challenge.

Screenshot 6

RetroGamer84 Spoiler alert! The big bad Varalys fight. Did you know timing your magic attacks around his attacks is crucial? Stay patient and attack only when it’s safe. They threw everything at us for one final showdown!

GamerFan Even with the final excitement of saving Princess Ann, the journey feels bizarrely underwhelming at times. Varalys, despite his evil looks, was less scary and more of a pattern puzzle. We did it though. Princess Ann restored! Kingdom saved!

Screenshot 7

RetroGamer84 Indeed! But you can’t help but feel a sense of triumph. Hydlide might be known as a really tough game, but that’s because it’s more about patience and less about frenetic action.

GamerFan I know, right? The ending screen is almost like a relief more than a reward. Let’s admit it: Hydlide isn’t the best, and it’s rough around the edges, but it has its own charm. It’s like riding the struggle bus to fun-land.

Screenshot 8

RetroGamer84 Absolutely. It’s a flawed gem from 1986. One of the worst compared to our other titles, maybe, but we still played it, right? That says a lot about our adventure spirit and enduring patience. Overall, Hydlide is a fun historical lesson in 8-bit gaming evolution.

GamerFan Well said, RetroGamer84. And best part? The laughs we shared. Game on!

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