It’s an autumn afternoon in 1986. A classic poster of the Technodrome from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles hangs on one wall, while a tri-color Rubik’s Cube and stacks of gaming magazines clutter the desk. The glow of the CRT TV illuminates the room.

RetroGamer84 Alright, we’ve been hearing about this one for months! Metroid has finally arrived. Ready for some interstellar bounty hunting, GamerFan?

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GamerFan Absolutely! I can’t wait to see what all the fuss is about. I heard this game is supposed to be a game-changer for the NES. The premise is intriguing: a Galactic Federation, space pirates, and a deadly Metroid. Sounds like a sci-fi movie!

RetroGamer84 Definitely. And the fact that Samus Aran is a bounty hunter with a Power Suit? That’s something we haven’t seen before. I read in Nintendo Fun Club News that this was developed by the same team who worked on Kid Icarus. Yoshio Sakamoto and his crew really nailed it with that one.

The game boots up, the suspenseful opening tune setting the mood.

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GamerFan The atmosphere already feels different from other games. The music is so eerie, almost like we’re exploring an abandoned alien world.

RetroGamer84 Have you seen the cheat to start with more health? At the password screen, if you enter JUSTIN BAILEY, you get extra energy tanks and a different outfit.

GamerFan That sounds handy. Let’s give that a try later if we get stuck. The exploration aspect of Metroid is pretty unique. It feels like we can go any direction, unlike those linear platformers.

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RetroGamer84 Exactly! And speaking of directions—pro tip: always bomb suspicious-looking floors and walls with your Morph Ball bombs. You’ll find hidden passages and shortcuts that way.


The friends dive into the game, navigating Brinstar’s labyrinthine corridors, collecting energy tanks and missile upgrades.

GamerFan I love how the Power Suit upgrades are scattered throughout. The Long Beam, Ice Beam, and Varia Suit are game-changers!

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RetroGamer84 Totally! And it feels so rewarding when you finally get the Morph Ball Bombs. The feeling of discovery is unmatched.

After a few hours (occasional breaks for soda and chips), they battle their way into Norfair and finally encounter Kraid and Ridley.

GamerFan These boss battles are intense! Kraid was tough, but using missiles to target Ridley’s weak points took some strategy. And the map is so extensive. It’s challenging but rewarding.

Screenshot 5

RetroGamer84 Strategy is key in this game. You have to plan your moves and conserve your resources. Did you know that the team designed the game so that Samus’ appearance would change at the end if you completed the game faster?

GamerFan Really? That’s a cool incentive for speed-runners. The game’s complex level system and ability to backtrack are sure to inspire future titles.

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GamerFan It adds a whole new layer of coolness to the character. Alright, time to face the final challenge: the Mother Brain!

After an intense battle, filled with dodging electrical barriers and missiles, they finally defeat the Mother Brain.

RetroGamer84 That was adrenaline-pumping! Escaping the self-destructing base was nerve-wracking, but we did it!

Screenshot 7

GamerFan I can see why Metroid is a classic. The combination of action, exploration, and that twist ending makes it unforgettable. We’ll remember this one for sure.

RetroGamer84 Agreed! Metroid is more than just a game—it’s an experience. Hats off to the developers at Nintendo. And here’s a game tip for future players: Always keep an eye on your map and use those passwords wisely!


As the credits roll, the friends share a high-five, their minds already buzzing with strategies for another playthrough. The glow of the screen fades into the retro ambiance of the room.

Screenshot 8

GamerFan We have got to try that one again!

RetroGamer84 Absolutely! Here’s to many more afternoons like this. Long live the golden era of gaming!

They settle back, swapping more game tips and stories, their friendship strengthened by shared adventures through pixelated worlds.

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