PlateUp! is a chaotic kitchen and restaurant management roguelite that promises vibrant, cooperative culinary adventures. But does it rise to the occasion or boil over? Let’s find out.

screenshot_0_PlateUp! - A Culinary Carnival or Kitchen Chaos?

Gameplay Mechanics

The core gameplay revolves around managing a restaurant from scratch, with up to four players playing chef, server, and planner all at once. Starting with basic equipment and menu items, you aim to expand your empire by surviving 15 frenetic days of service.

screenshot_1_PlateUp! - A Culinary Carnival or Kitchen Chaos?

Cooperative Design

The game’s biggest strength lies in its cooperative design. With friends, the game transforms into a symphony of timed moves and synchronized tasks. In single-player, however, it can become overwhelmingly hectic—a bit like trying to juggle knives in the kitchen. The cooperative mechanics are a standout feature. When you and your friends start hitting a rhythm, it feels incredibly rewarding.

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Restaurant Customization

Designing your restaurant, laying out the kitchen, and optimizing workflows is both challenging and fun. The ability to customize your restaurant and even automate some processes can satisfy your inner engineer. The variety of dishes, from soups to pies to gourmet steaks, keeps the gameplay fresh. Procedurally-generated restaurants ensure each run feels distinct and adds to the replay value.

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Challenges and Drawbacks

However, PlateUp! is not without its faults. The game can be overly chaotic and stressful, especially if you’re playing solo. The control mechanics and the UI can sometimes feel clunky under pressure, causing you to misclick or misplace items in a rush. The game’s difficulty can spike unpredictably, making some days feel nearly insurmountable without careful planning or sheer luck.

The lack of a deep storyline or rich character development might also deter RPG enthusiasts who crave immersive narratives. You’re here to cook, serve, and survive, not engage in epic tales of culinary conquest.

screenshot_4_PlateUp! - A Culinary Carnival or Kitchen Chaos?

Final Thoughts

If you thrive on fast-paced, cooperative gameplay with a bit of strategic planning, PlateUp! will serve you a delightful dish of fun and challenge. However, if you prefer a more relaxed gaming experience or if narrative depth is paramount, you might find this kitchen a tad too hot.

Rating: 3 out of 5 stars

PlateUp! earns a respectable 3 out of 5 stars. It’s not a masterpiece worthy of Michelin, but it’s a hearty and enjoyable meal for the right audience. If you enjoy chaotic yet rewarding management sims and have a group of friends ready to jump in, this game is for you.

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