BlueTwelve Studio’s Stray plunges players into a richly detailed cyberpunk city seen through the eyes of an adventurous cat. As an ardent fan of open-world environments and intricate storytelling, I was eager to dive into this unique narrative. However, while the game intrigued me with its premise, several aspects left me wanting more.

screenshot_0_Stray: A Pawsome Adventure in a Cyberpunk World

Gameplay Mechanics

Stray stands out with its compelling blend of exploration, puzzle-solving, and stealth mechanics. Controlling a cat requires a shift in perspective: you must navigate the neon-lit alleys and murky backstreets with agility and curiosity. The joy of leaping from ledges, meowing to attract attention, and batting objects around provides a refreshing departure from typical third-person adventures.

The game’s mechanics are intuitive, capturing the feline essence well. However, seasoned gamers might find the challenge lacking depth. The puzzles, though charming at first, tend to be straightforward, offering little in the way of true difficulty or innovation. Similarly, the stealth elements, while thematically fitting, do not evolve much throughout the game, potentially leading to a repetitive experience.

Visual and Atmosphere

Stray’s graphics are stellar. The cyberpunk city is vibrant, every corner adorned with neon lights, graffiti, and stunning architectural details. The decaying cybercity feels alive, filled with curious droids and looming threats. The lighting and shading effects enhance the atmosphere, immersing players in this decaying yet beautiful world. BlueTwelve Studio has crafted an environment brimming with personality, inviting thorough exploration to uncover its secrets.

screenshot_1_Stray: A Pawsome Adventure in a Cyberpunk World

Storyline and Characters

The storyline is engaging, weaving a tale of a stray cat determined to reunite with its family amidst a forgotten city’s mystery. The plot is driven forward with the help of B-12, a small flying drone, providing depth and companionship throughout the journey. The bond between the cat and B-12 grows organically, adding emotional weight to their adventure.

The characters encountered, particularly the varied droids, are quirky and memorable. However, the narrative could benefit from more layers and complexity. While the overarching mystery holds intrigue, some story elements feel underdeveloped, leading to a narrative that could have delved deeper into its cyberpunk roots.

screenshot_2_Stray: A Pawsome Adventure in a Cyberpunk World


  • Engaging Exploration: Navigating as a cat is refreshingly unique.
  • Stunning Visuals: The vibrant, detailed cyberpunk city is a visual feast.
  • Emotional Storyline: The bond between the cat and B-12 adds depth.

screenshot_3_Stray: A Pawsome Adventure in a Cyberpunk World


  • Shallow Challenges: Puzzles and stealth elements lack complexity.
  • Underdeveloped Narrative: The story could benefit from more depth and layers.

screenshot_4_Stray: A Pawsome Adventure in a Cyberpunk World

Final Verdict

Stray is a beautifully crafted adventure that offers a unique perspective in the indie game space. While it excels in atmospheric design and captivating feline antics, it falls short in delivering sustained challenge and narrative depth. Fans of exploratory games and cyberpunk atmospheres will find much to enjoy, but those seeking a profound, evolving challenge might find it lacking.

Rating: 3 out of 5 stars

For those willing to embrace the whimsical journey of a stray cat in a decaying cybercity, Stray delivers a visually stunning and heartfelt experience worth exploring, even if it doesn’t entirely reimagine the adventure genre.

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