Blasphemous 2: A Haunting Journey for the Dedicated Completionist

As a dedicated completionist and avid lover of intense, challenging gameplay, “Blasphemous 2” was bound to catch my interest. Metroidvania games often embrace the complexity, depth, and exploration that I savor, especially when they dazzle with brutal difficulty and rich lore. Though my journey with “Blasphemous 2” had its highs and lows, it’s undeniable that this game brings a unique flavor to the genre that stands out for both its merits and shortcomings.

screenshot_0_Blasphemous 2: A Dark Symphony of Suffering and Salvation

Refined Gameplay Mechanics

One of the strengths of “Blasphemous 2” lies in its refined gameplay mechanics. The customization options for improving your skillset and weapon arsenal add a layer of strategic depth. Each weapon you acquire has unique traits and combos, allowing for a personalized combat experience. However, this comes with a caveat; the difficulty spikes, especially during boss fights, can be punishing and may deter casual players. Crafting a carefully planned route through the labyrinthine world is not just encouraged but necessary for survival.

Gothic Visuals and Eerie Soundtrack

The graphics ooze Gothic horror and charm, plunging players into a grotesquely beautiful world filled with haunting details. From the twisted landscapes to the meticulously designed character models, the visual artistry is top-notch. The eerie soundtrack further immerses you in this dark setting, creating a cohesive atmosphere that relentlessly drives home the game’s themes of penance and redemption.

screenshot_1_Blasphemous 2: A Dark Symphony of Suffering and Salvation

Compelling Narrative

The narrative picks up from the “Wounds of Eventide” DLC, thrusting The Penitent One into a new cycle of life, death, and resurrection. While the overarching narrative is compelling, the fragmented storytelling can sometimes leave players grasping for clarity. The new NPCs add layers to the lore, with some offering aid while others set you on perilous quests. This creates a rich tapestry of myths and secrets waiting to be unraveled, but patience is required to piece together the intricate story.


On the whole, “Blasphemous 2” is a dark, intricate, and challenging experience that will resonate with fans of the Metroidvania genre. It demands patience, skill, and a love for exploration. While the game might be too punishing for some, its intricate design and enriching lore make it a compelling choice for those who seek depth and difficulty. As a completionist, the myriad secrets and complex mechanics offer a rewarding journey, albeit with some frustration along the way. A solid 3-star game that, with more polish on its narrative and difficulty balance, could have easily soared higher.

Rating: 3 out of 5 stars

screenshot_2_Blasphemous 2: A Dark Symphony of Suffering and Salvation

Final Thoughts

If you’re a fan of Gothic horror, complex gameplay mechanics, and love unraveling deep lore, “Blasphemous 2” will undoubtedly captivate you. Just be prepared to invest time and effort into navigating its treacherous world. For casual gamers, approach with caution, as this hauntingly beautiful realm does not forgive the faint of heart.

Gaming Tip for Beginners

Tip: Focus on mastering a single weapon early in the game. Understanding its combos and mechanics will give you a significant advantage in the brutal boss fights and intricate platforming challenges.

Final Rating

Blasphemous 2 delivers Gothic horror, challenging gameplay, and deep lore, perfect for dedicated completionists and fans of the Metroidvania genre.

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