RetroGamer84 Alright, GamerFan, are you ready to tackle some more Excitebike? This game is absolutely incredible, considering it’s 1984! I’ve got a pretty solid plan for improving our lap times. We’ll dive into the time trial first and then give multiplayer a shot.

GamerFan Definitely, RetroGamer84. Excitebike is so addictive, with its side-scrolling and endless jumps. Did you read in this month’s issue of ‘Nintendo Fun Club News’ that Shigeru Miyamoto had a hand in creating this game? His ingenuity is really shining through with this one.

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RetroGamer84 I did see that. It’s fantastic how Miyamoto’s brainchild blends racing with such cool stunts and precise controls. Excitebike’s a pioneer, showing how far video games can push our expectations. Plus, it was developed by only about 15 people, which is amazing, considering the complexity.

GamerFan Let’s focus on the single-player mode first. Racing against the clock is all about precision and timing. I’ve read that you should alternate between high and low gear effectively to avoid overheating your bike.

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RetroGamer84 Absolutely, that’s a stellar tip. Also, don’t forget about those arrows scattered throughout the track. Hitting those helps cool your engine down. What I found super interesting is the strategic element of avoiding overheating by using these arrows.

GamerFan Yes! And speaking of strategy, did you notice how crucial it is to adjust your bike’s tilt mid-air during jumps? It’s key to nailing perfect landings and maintaining speed.

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RetroGamer84 Exactly, keeping your speed up without crashing is such a rewarding challenge. Now, let’s move on to the multiplayer mode. Racing against other bikers adds a whole new level of excitement and unpredictability.

GamerFan Right? The AI opponents can be quite competitive, and bumping into them can really mess up your rhythm. But that’s exactly what makes the multiplayer mode so engaging. And let’s not forget about the track editor—creating custom tracks is pioneering. It’s like having our very own virtual motocross park!

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RetroGamer84 Custom tracks are definitely a major selling point. You can spend hours tweaking each jump and obstacle. It’s amazing how much replay value that adds to the game. And the variety of track layouts makes each race unique.

GamerFan Speaking of variety, we are about to reach the final track. Here comes a spoiler—so folks, if you’re aiming to avoid spoilers for Excitebike, skip ahead! The last track is epic with its series of tough hills and water puddles that can really slow you down. But once you cross that finish line, the feeling is exhilarating. There’s no boss per se, but achieving the fastest time on this final track feels like you’ve conquered Mount Everest.

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RetroGamer84 I totally agree. And that final victory screen is such a triumph, especially for 1984 standards, making you feel like you’ve accomplished something big.

GamerFan Let’s also give some props to the fabulous music and sound effects. Each buzzing engine and crowd cheer really pulls us into the experience. It’s a sound design marvel for its time.

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RetroGamer84 Indeed. Plus, we must mention that Excitebike is one of the earliest games where you can also save your custom tracks using the Famicom Data Recorder in Japan. Unfortunately, we don’t have that feature here in the US, but still, innovation like this sets a precedent.

GamerFan Another magical touch by Miyamoto’s team. Considering the tech limitations, this game is groundbreaking. Kudos to Nintendo for paving the way for future racers and creators.

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RetroGamer84 Well, with all these helpful tips and tricks, I think we can strive for a new high score. Keeping our bikes cool, mastering our jumps, and outmaneuvering competitors—we’ve got this! Ready for another round?

GamerFan Absolutely. Let’s get our engines revving and continue to soar in Excitebike’s thrilling motocross madness!

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Tips for Players:

  1. Gear Shifting: Alternate between high and low gear to avoid overheating.
  2. Cooling Arrows: Hit the arrows to cool down your engine.
  3. Mid-Air Tilt: Adjust your bike’s tilt during jumps for perfect landings.
  4. Custom Tracks: Use the track editor to create and race on custom tracks.
  5. Final Track: Master the final track by navigating tough hills and water puddles.

Dive back into the endless fun and challenge of Excitebike!

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