The year is 1986. A Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) proudly sits close to an old tube TV, its power light glowing, ready for another adventure.

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RetroGamer84 Alright, GamerFan, I hope you’re ready for this! Deadly Towers is all set up. I’ve read a mix of things about it. Are you ready to help Prince Myer save his kingdom?

GamerFan Absolutely! I’m intrigued. Before we delve into action, did you know that the team behind this game, Lenar, is a relatively new developer? They only started last year. I do wonder if that shows in the game quality.

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RetroGamer84 It might. From what I’ve skimmed, this game has a bit of a reputation. Journeying as Prince Myer wherein you toss your sword at enemies as if it’s a boomerang – sounds interesting, doesn’t it?

GamerFan Intriguing, to say the least! Let’s see if we can get to the end. Ah, looks like the adventure starts by the lake. I bet there’s more to this ‘strange person’ than it seems.

RetroGamer84 Maybe they’re just misunderstood. Anyway, I read in the latest Nintendo Power that throwing your sword at diagonals can be tricky but useful. Let’s give it a go.


They begin playing, navigating the top-down world filled with pixelated enemies.

GamerFan The controls are a bit wonky, don’t you think? I’ve played smoother games. Can’t believe this is the same system that runs Zelda.

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RetroGamer84 Indeed, Zelda might be in a league of its own, quality-wise. These enemies seem to spawn endlessly – quite relentless, huh?

GamerFan Definitely adding a layer of challenge. Speaking of which, did you notice the background music? I find it somewhat repetitive.

RetroGamer84 It’s no Koji Kondo masterpiece, that’s for sure. But it adds a bit of charm. Remember to collect those coins – I heard they’re crucial for progression and also serve as health.

GamerFan Good call! One health for each coin. They really had a wild imagination for enemy design though, right? These blobs and creatures seem out of place, yet oddly captivating.

RetroGamer84 Captivating is one way to put it! The infamous flame traps are here too. A tip for future players – use the Fire Spell to take out multiple enemies more effectively.

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GamerFan Almost feels like we’re hacking our way through a labyrinth. On another note, it’s fascinating watching game tech evolve. Imagine what these games would look like in high resolution!


After several combination attempts and a few restarts, the duo finally reaches the endgame – spoilers ahead.

RetroGamer84 Here we are, ready to face Rubas, the Evil Wizard. Let’s see if he lives up to his wicked name.

GamerFan You know, this game is flawed but there’s a certain satisfaction in reaching the end. Look at Rubas – he’s as menacing as an 8-bit sprite can get.

RetroGamer84 True, there’s a certain nostalgia already forming. Weird, isn’t it? Alright, it’s all-or-nothing. Timing and sword-throwing precision are key here. The Fireball Spell is a huge help, trust me on that.

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A cinematic battle ensues, and after several tense minutes, they defeat Rubas. Prince Myer stands triumphant.


GamerFan Victory is ours! Despite its quirks, this game has a sort of charming challenge to it. The ending was somewhat abrupt though – feels like they ran out of cartridge space.

RetroGamer84 Agreed. It’s not the best game ever, but it has its moments. Maybe it will become a cult classic for how rough it is. Who knows? If nothing more, Deadly Towers is a reminder of how far we’ve come and how far we will go.

GamerFan Right you are, RetroGamer84. On to the next adventure?

RetroGamer84 Of course. Deadly Towers might be a bad game, but there are worse for sure.

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Tips for Players:

  1. Sword Throws: Mastering the diagonal throw will greatly aid in dispatching enemies.
  2. Coin Collected Health: Accumulate coins to maintain your health; every coin counts.
  3. Fire Spell: Use the Fire Spell strategically to clear swarming enemies.
  4. Flame Traps: These traps are tough, so plan your movements carefully.
  5. Final Boss Fight: Timing is key when facing Rubas; dodge and strike with precision.
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The spirit of the 80s gaming scene lives on – unforgettable, and always an adventure!

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