RetroGamer84 Welcome, GamerFan! It’s 1986, and what better way to spend an afternoon than diving into Ghostbusters on the NES? I just got my hands on this game, and I can’t wait to see if it lives up to the movie.

GamerFan Awesome! The Ghostbusters movie was such a hit in ’84; it’s fascinating to see how they adapted it into a game. What have you got around here? Some magazines?

RetroGamer84 Oh yes, here’s the latest issue of Nintendo Fun Club News. They’ve got quite a spread on this Ghostbusters game.

Screenshot 1

GamerFan That’s fantastic! I love how game magazines are keeping us updated on all the cool new tech and games. Alright, let’s fire up the NES and see what we’re dealing with here.

They start the game.

RetroGamer84 So, we start at the Ghostbusters HQ, monitoring the map for ghost alarms. The overhead view is quite tidy actually, reminds me a bit of a city builder.

Screenshot 2

GamerFan True. I do appreciate the effort of incorporating route-planning in the game. But have you noticed how the music loop is almost hypnotic in its repetitiveness?

RetroGamer84 Hypnotic indeed! They say the theme song is iconic, but after hearing it on repeat, it does get grating. Anyway, let’s head out and capture some ghosts!

They plot a route.
Screenshot 3

GamerFan Here we go, driving the iconic Ghostmobile through Manhattan! Always loved that car in the movie. Does controlling the car feel a bit clunky to you too?

RetroGamer84 It’s like driving a brick! Dodging traffic while trying to capture casual ghosts en route feels more like a chore than fun. But ah, there’s our destination. Time to bust some ghosts.

Switches to side-view.
Screenshot 4

GamerFan Alright, deploying the proton beams and dropping the trap. We just need to guide the ghost over it and… Oh no, he’s slipping away!

RetroGamer84 Slime everywhere! The slime overs on the Ghostbusters are definitely on theme, but the capture mechanism needs better precision. It’s overly difficult to align everything perfectly.

GamerFan Yes, and we need to keep these ghost captures constant to manage the PK levels. It’s a tight balancing act! But it’s rather repetitive, don’t you think?

Screenshot 5

RetroGamer84 Certainly. Catch, earn money, buy equipment, repeat. There’s little variation. And those ending spoilers you read about — remember the Temple of Zuul?

GamerFan Oh yes, reaching the final showdown with Gozer! We better brace ourselves for the grand finale. I heard it’s quite underwhelming though.

Several hours of gameplay later.
Screenshot 6

GamerFan We’re finally at the Temple of Zuul. This is it. Avoiding those beams is nerve-wracking. Oh, there she is… Gozer in all her pixilated glory!

RetroGamer84 What a less-than-epic showdown. A bit of dodging, a few quick shots, and she’s down. Not exactly the climactic battle I was hoping for. But kudos to us, we made it!

GamerFan Agreed. While Ghostbusters has its nostalgic ties to the movie, it doesn’t quite capture that excitement. On the brighter side, the journey through Manhattan and the ghostbusting mechanics do bring some fun vibes.

Screenshot 7

RetroGamer84 Definitely. And knowing this game was developed by Activision makes one appreciate their hard work. Did you know that David Crane, the same guy behind Pitfall!, was involved in this?

GamerFan That’s a cool fact! Even though this might not be the crown jewel of 1986, it’s still enjoyable to see movie adaptations in gaming. For our fellow gamers, a few tips: always upgrade your car early on, and practice your ghost capturing technique. Patience is key.

RetroGamer84 That’s great advice. So, in the grand scheme of NES games, Ghostbusters might not top our favorites, but it’s worth a play simply for the nostalgia and some genuine laughs at its quirks.

Screenshot 8

GamerFan And we can’t forget those classic Nintendo moments. Even flawed games like this one have their place in the history of gaming. Who you gonna call? Nostalgia is a powerful ghost!

RetroGamer84 Absolutely! Time to save our progress and maybe dive into another game from our collection. Overall, Ghostbusters is a mixed bag but gives us a good laugh and some ‘80s game time fun.

GamerFan Couldn’t agree more. Let’s see what’s next!

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