Any fan of old-school, pixel-perfect platformers knows Daisuke ‘Pixel’ Amaya, the legendary mind behind the iconic Cave Story. His latest creation, Kero Blaster, further cements his stellar reputation in the indie gaming sphere. As a veteran gamer who thrives on the nostalgia of the classic NES days, Kero Blaster is a refreshing dip into the pixelated past of side-scrolling action games. This charming 2014 title takes you on a retro adventure that’s both challenging and immensely rewarding.

Engaging Storyline

In Kero Blaster, you play as a bipedal frog who doubles as a custodian for C&F Inc., on a mission to clear out bizarre black creatures that are causing havoc in the company’s teleporters. The storyline might seem simple on the surface, but its quirky charm and engaging narrative elements breathe life into what could otherwise be just another platformer.

screenshot_0_Kero Blaster: A Retrogaming Delight from the Creator of Cave Story

Classic Gameplay Mechanics

The gameplay is where Kero Blaster truly shines. This classic-style, 2D side-scroller offers tight controls and pixel-perfect jumps that harken back to the golden age of gaming. Every leap, blast, and dodge feels meticulously crafted, akin to the precision found in Mega Man or Metroid titles. The progressive acquisition of new weapons and tools keeps the gameplay fresh and exciting, allowing players to develop their strategy as they delve deeper into each stage’s unique monsters and increasingly complex levels.

Stunning Pixel Art

One of the game’s standout features is its exceptional pixel art. Created by the same hand that brought Cave Story to life, Kero Blaster encapsulates the quintessential retro aesthetic. The vibrant, colorful sprites and meticulously designed environments transport you instantly to a bygone era of gaming, where each pixel was a labor of love. The sound design also complements the retro feel, with catchy chiptune tracks that will have you humming long after you set down the controller.

screenshot_1_Kero Blaster: A Retrogaming Delight from the Creator of Cave Story

Challenging Difficulty

Despite its many strengths, Kero Blaster isn’t without its challenges. The difficulty curve can be steep, reminiscent of those punishing NES classics. However, for those of us who revel in overcoming tough-as-nails challenges, this aspect adds to the game’s addictive quality. There are moments of frustration, but every victory feels earned and deeply satisfying.

Final Thoughts

For gamers who enjoy delving into the roots of retro gaming or those who hold a special place in their hearts for pixel art, Kero Blaster is a must-play. It perfectly captures the essence of what made the action platformers of yesteryear so beloved, while also showcasing the unique touch of Daisuke ‘Pixel’ Amaya’s creative genius.

Overall Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

screenshot_2_Kero Blaster: A Retrogaming Delight from the Creator of Cave Story


With its meticulous design, engaging gameplay, and nostalgic charm, Kero Blaster is a retro delight that stands as a shining star in indie gaming. While it may not surpass the legendary status of Cave Story, it undeniably captures that same magic, making it a worthwhile addition to any retro game aficionado’s collection.

Gamer Tip: Focus on mastering each weapon’s unique abilities and upgrade them whenever possible. This strategy will help you tackle increasingly difficult enemies and levels more effectively.

screenshot_3_Kero Blaster: A Retrogaming Delight from the Creator of Cave Story

Kero Blaster offers a challenging yet rewarding experience that will satisfy any fan of classic platformers. Dive in and enjoy the nostalgic trip!

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