From the co-creator of the Xbox’s Fable series comes Moonring, a free, retro-inspired turn-based RPG that feels like a heartfelt homage to the classic Ultima series. If you’ve been yearning for nostalgic worlds with vivid sprites and open-world gameplay, Moonring might be the beacon in the darkness you’ve been looking for.

Immersive World

Moonring is set in the mystical land of Caldera, a world brought to life by five moons. It’s inhabited by strange gods, dreamers, and varied enemies. As the Dreamless one, you choose your destiny, asking questions others dare not or aiming to become the Archon, the gods’ mortal representative.

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Engaging Gameplay

The game world is a compelling mix of hand-designed geography and procedurally generated dungeons. Each venture underground offers new, unpredictable challenges. This balance of structured world-building and random dungeon crawling harkens back to the Ultima series, but with a fresh twist that keeps things from feeling archaic.

Modern Conveniences

Moonring stands out for its commitment to quality of life improvements. Modern conveniences are applied to classic turn-based tile RPG mechanics. The learning curve is gentle enough for newcomers yet retains depth and complexity for veteran players. The turn-based combat is well-balanced and engaging, with over 100 enemy types and unique boss battles adding variety to each encounter.

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Strategic Depth

The inclusion of a hidden magic system and 35 unique Gifts from the Gods tied to the phases of the moons adds layers of strategy that can significantly alter your playstyle. Sailing and ship-to-ship combat provide an additional layer of exploration and engagement, making every corner of Caldera worth investigating.

Visuals and Soundtrack

Graphically, Moonring sports vivid, bright sprites overlaying stark black backgrounds, a visual style that will instantly transport fans of early RPGs back to the days of CRT monitors and pixel art. The game’s visual simplicity is its charm – it leaves much to the imagination, urging players to fill in the gaps, much like the RPGs of old.

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The game’s soundtrack is another highlight, featuring over 50 tracks made using retro Mod Trackers. The Dungeon Synth OST sets the ambiance perfectly, enhancing the nostalgic feel while keeping the player immersed in Caldera’s enigmatic world.

Final Thoughts

There’s much to love about Moonring, from its engaging open-world exploration to its strategic combat system and atmospheric soundtrack. However, the game’s slow pace and randomness in dungeon generation might not appeal to everyone. Players accustomed to fast-paced action or heavily guided experiences may find themselves longing for a bit more direction.

Still, considering the game is entirely free, it offers a treasure trove of content and quality that far surpasses expectations. It’s clear that this game is a labor of love from someone who understands the joy that classic RPGs bring.

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

screenshot_3_Moonring: The Retro RPG Revival We Didn't Know We Needed


Moonring is a delightful throwback that masterfully blends retro aesthetics with modern gameplay conveniences. It’s not without its flaws, but it’s a gem for any retro RPG enthusiast looking for a journey filled with exploration, strategy, and nostalgia. And the fact that it’s free? An unbeatable value for an experience that feels like a lovingly crafted homage to gaming’s golden age.

Gamer Tip: Pay close attention to the phases of the moons. They significantly affect the Gifts from the Gods and can turn the tide of battles.

Moonring offers a nostalgic journey for fans of classic RPGs, blending old-school charm with modern gameplay enhancements. Dive into the land of Caldera and discover a world crafted with passion and love for the genre.

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