Roguelites always have a special place for completionists. The endless replayability, mastering mechanics, and unlocking every secret keep us coming back. Ravenswatch, the latest from Passtech, steps into the roguelike action genre. Despite my mixed feelings toward this genre, I’m here to give an honest review.

Gameplay Mechanics

Ravenswatch throws you into Reverie, battling spreading Nightmares. The game blends intense real-time combat with strategic planning. Each run features different heroes with unique abilities inspired by folk tales and legends like Norse mythology and One Thousand and One Nights.

screenshot_0_Ravenswatch: A Dark-Fantasy Roguelike Challenge

The combat mechanics are polished, with fluid movement and responsive controls. The game demands skillful dodging, precise attacks, and clever use of abilities to survive battles. What stands out is the need for teamwork in co-op mode. Coordinating with up to three other players to build a strong team is very satisfying.

Visual Appeal

The visual design of Ravenswatch is stunning. The dark-fantasy look brings twisted versions of classic tales to life. Detailed environments immerse players in a world that feels familiar yet hauntingly fresh. From gnarled trees to corrupted creatures, every visual element adds to an atmosphere thick with tension and mystery.

screenshot_1_Ravenswatch: A Dark-Fantasy Roguelike Challenge

Storyline and Characters

Reverie is built on old folk tales and legendary myths. The narrative weaves these timeless stories into its dark-fantasy setting, creating a world that’s intriguing and menacing. While the story might not be the main focus, it adds depth to your quest to banish the Nightmares.

The heroes of Ravenswatch are its highlights. Each character, inspired by iconic folk tales, has unique abilities that affect gameplay. This adds variety to each run and encourages players to try different heroes and playstyles. Whether it’s the cunning trickster from Arabian Nights or the fierce Norse warrior, the characters are memorable and add a personal touch to the roguelike action.

screenshot_2_Ravenswatch: A Dark-Fantasy Roguelike Challenge


  • Engaging combat mechanics
  • Unique and diverse heroes
  • Stunning visual design
  • Deep, strategic gameplay


  • High difficulty level
  • Potentially repetitive gameplay

screenshot_3_Ravenswatch: A Dark-Fantasy Roguelike Challenge

Final Thoughts

Ravenswatch creates an immersive and challenging roguelike experience. Its mix of intense combat, strategic depth, and dark-fantasy charm makes it a game worth spending hours on. However, as a completionist, I must advise caution. The high difficulty and repetitive nature can be a double-edged sword.

If you enjoy roguelike action games with dark tales and cooperative play, Ravenswatch is a solid addition to your collection. Completionists seeking a more straightforward path with less trial and error might find it frustrating.

screenshot_4_Ravenswatch: A Dark-Fantasy Roguelike Challenge

Pro Tip for Beginners

Focus on mastering one hero at a time. Each character’s unique abilities and playstyle take time to understand. Hone your skills with one hero before trying others to maximize your efficiency and enjoyment of the game.

Rating: 3 out of 5 stars

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