RetroGamer84 Alright, GamerFan, ready to dive into Castlevania III: Dracula’s Curse? This game is a prequel to the first two games, set 100 years before Castlevania 1 and 2. Crazy, right? Trevor Belmont is our main guy here.

GamerFan Oh, yeah! I’ve heard it’s just as tough as the original, if not tougher. I’ve been dying to test that new character-switching mechanic. Moreover, the branching paths should make it an intense adventure. Have you seen how amazing the graphics look compared to the first one?

RetroGamer84 Absolutely. Konami really outdid themselves this time. And don’t get me started on the music. The soundtrack has been pumped up a notch. The NES sound hardware is being put to good use here. Additionally, I read in Nintendo Power that some of the tunes were composed by Hidenori Maezawa, who also worked on Contra. Can you believe it?

Screenshot 1

GamerFan That’s so cool! Alright, let’s start. I think getting to those companions will be a game changer. I heard Grant Danasty can climb walls. That should save us quite a bit of heartache.

RetroGamer84 Yeah, and Sypha Belnades with her spells can devastate enemies. Alucard’s ability to turn into a bat and fly should be pretty handy too. Let’s see how fast we can power them up.

They start navigating through the first few levels, racking up points and collecting power-ups.

GamerFan This whip is faithful to the original. However, I love how you can now swap into different characters. Imagine we had this back in the first game; Dracula wouldn’t stand a chance.

Screenshot 2

RetroGamer84 Totally. Sypha’s freezing attack is a lifesaver. And those path choices? Opting for the Clock Tower was genius. That axe-throwing enemy would have been a nightmare otherwise.

GamerFan Absolutely. Speaking of nightmares, did you notice the mode 7 graphics when we reached the Clock Tower? Konami really knows how to push the NES.

A few hours pass as they advance through different levels and track down items.

RetroGamer84 Phew, okay, we’re finally at Dracula. Can’t believe we made it this far. Spoiler alert ahead for anyone who hasn’t reached here yet. The last fight is intense!

Screenshot 3

GamerFan Tell me about it! Dracula’s final form is some next-level horror game design. Those fireballs and his teleportation ability… Are we sure we’re not playing a next-gen console here?

RetroGamer84 True, it feels ahead of its time. Alright, time to put our skills to the test. Switch up Trevor with Sypha and her spells. Take out those fireballs with precision, or else we’re toast!

After an electrifying battle…

GamerFan Yes! We did it! What an ending! Spoiler alert again: I didn’t expect that multi-stage boss transformation. It’s like Konami wanted to literally and figuratively bring the house down with their final boss.

Screenshot 4

RetroGamer84 No kidding. And how cool was it when the screen fades out and the castle crumbles? Classic horror movie vibes. This game had everything: challenge, innovation, incredible music, and stellar graphics.

GamerFan And let’s not forget: we have bragging rights now. All thanks to teamwork and some useful tips from GamePro magazine. Oh, did you hear that some of the developers behind this game were also involved in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles?

RetroGamer84 Really? That’s rad! It makes sense; the quality shines through. Alright, tips for anyone about to jump into this classic: Keep an eye on your sub-weapons and make those path choices wisely. Also, recruiting Grant, Sypha, or Alucard at strategic points in the game can totally shape your strategy.

GamerFan Definitely. Additionally, whenever you see a turkey, grab it. It’s a lifesaver. And be patient; rushing through will only get you defeated. Also, don’t forget, the II and III power-ups can double or triple your firepower. Essential for bosses.

Screenshot 5

RetroGamer84 Castlevania III is a gem, hands down. If this is what the future of games looks like, we’re in for some unforgettable experiences. Next up after this, let’s go for a high-score run in Turtles in Time!

GamerFan League of gaming legends—here we come!

They high-five and prepare for their next gaming adventure.

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