RetroGamer84 Ah, here we go. Crystalis, the new NES hit. I’ve been reading a lot about it in Nintendo Power. You ready, GamerFan?

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GamerFan Definitely! I’ve heard it’s quite the journey, an intricate blend of action and RPG elements. Plus, I read an article about how the developers, SNK, usually known for their arcade games, like Ikari Warriors, are behind this. It’s always fascinating when arcade veterans take a swing at console RPGs.

RetroGamer84 It’s impressive, SNK really poured passion into this one. The story starting in the apocalyptic END DAY and the hero emerging from a cryogenic chamber is such a gripping setup.

GamerFan Absolutely, and tackling that tower in the sky is brimming with intrigue. Let’s start from there, the graphics right off the bat are vibrant. The top-down perspective really harks back to classics like The Legend of Zelda, yet with this futuristic twist.

RetroGamer84 I love the ability to equip different swords and charge them for powerful attacks. The fire, water, wind, and thunder swords add a strategic layer to gameplay.

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GamerFan Yes, and those charge-up levels are really satisfying. Collecting special items to enhance these attacks adds to that progression thrill. By the way, did you know there’s a minimum level requirement for bosses? It’s a neat way to ensure players are prepared.

RetroGamer84 Makes sense, grinding is a staple in RPGs. Also, the blending of action and RPG is quite smooth. Having both offensive and healing magic, and the ability to equip armor, shields, and globes, brings in a lot of depth.

GamerFan Not to mention, the game’s soundtrack is also a gem. Very immersive, and it keeps you on your toes. SNK outdid themselves in the audio department.

RetroGamer84 Totally, and the enemies are quite varied, keeping the combat interesting. You really have to adapt your strategies with each section. Speaking of adaption, pro tip: Always keep antidotes handy for poisoned areas, they can save your game.

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GamerFan Good advice! And speaking of tips, remember to talk to every NPC. Some of them give crucial hints and items for your quest.

RetroGamer84 Oh, and spend your gold wisely. Those magic rings and bracelets can be game-changers.

GamerFan Now, about the storyline. Spoiler alert for anyone interested – let’s talk about that climactic ending. The final boss – the Dragonia Empire’s Emperor Draygon. Turning into that chaos-bringing monster was both surprising and challenging.

RetroGamer84 Definitely, his transformation into the evil mutant was an epic culmination of the narrative. It took every bit of our equipped items, skills, and strategic use of the elemental swords to bring him down.

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GamerFan True! And after defeating him, the twist about the tower being used to protect or control the world depending on the conqueror’s will? Mind-blowing. It really made us ponder the choices made throughout the game.

RetroGamer84 Indeed. What a ride. This game is a worthy addition to anyone’s NES library. It’s a gem that captures both the thrill of action and the depth of an RPG.

GamerFan Agreed. And speaking of capturing moments, let’s send this review to Nintendo Power. Who knows, it might get featured!

RetroGamer84 Awesome idea! And with tech moving so fast, can you imagine? Maybe one day we could even read reviews and tips online!

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GamerFan That would be the future. But today, we’ll just appreciate the simple joys of sharing and playing on this 8-bit wonder. Long live the NES!

RetroGamer84 Here here! Now, ready for another round?

GamerFan Born ready.

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As the sprite of their hero moves valiantly through the world of *Crystalis*, RetroGamer84 and GamerFan are reminders of a golden era where friendships were strengthened over shared gaming exploits and countless hours hunched over controllers.

Crystalis Hot Tips:

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  1. Weapon Mastery: Charge up your elemental swords and master their special attacks, especially for boss fights.
  2. Level Up: Make sure to grind levels to meet the minimum requirements for dealing damage to bosses.
  3. Crafty Shopping: Spend your gold mindfully; important items and upgrades can make or break your game.
  4. NPC Chat: Talk to every character in the game; they often hold invaluable hints and critical items.
  5. Stay Equipped: Keep your inventory balanced with antidotes and essential items to survive hazardous zones.


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Embrace the adventure, fellow gamers!

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