Alright speedrunners and fast-paced action aficionados, buckle up because Hades is here to test your reflexes, strategies, and patience. As much as I detest the grind of rogue-likes, this one is a dangerous exception—it’s almost too good to put down. Let’s dive into why this game is a mixed bag of blistering excitement and repetitive frustration.

Combat Mechanics

The bread and butter of Hades is its fluid, fast-paced combat, reminiscent of Bastion but with a richer variety of options. You’ll wield a variety of weapons, each with its own unique feel and special abilities. However, it’s the Boons from Olympian gods that add the spice, letting you choose from dozens of powers to either augment your offense or buff your defense. The gameplay loop is addictive, each run offering new combinations and builds.

screenshot_0_Hades: Rise from the Underworld in an Electrifying Rogue-like Adventure

Visuals and Design

Visually, Hades is stunning. The hand-painted environments brought by Supergiant Games are nothing short of mesmerizing. You’ll journey through vividly designed stages of the Underworld, complete with intricate details that highlight the game’s mythological setting. The character designs are also top-notch, bringing the gods and monsters to life in ways that are both stunning and memorable.

Storyline and Characters

Hades delivers a robust narrative driven by a fully-voiced cast. As Zagreus, the Prince of the Underworld, your goal is to escape the clutches of your father, Hades, with every failed attempt delving you deeper into the compelling story. The dialogues are sharp, humorous, and packed with personality. Growing relationships with divine characters adds emotional depth and replayability to the game.

screenshot_1_Hades: Rise from the Underworld in an Electrifying Rogue-like Adventure

Pro Tip for Beginners

Focus on upgrading the Mirror of Night before anything else. These permanent upgrades can drastically improve your survivability and efficiency, making your subsequent escape attempts less punishing and more rewarding.

screenshot_2_Hades: Rise from the Underworld in an Electrifying Rogue-like Adventure

Final Thoughts

In the end, Hades is a breathtaking achievement in the rogue-like genre that stands out for its slick combat, compelling narrative, and striking visuals. While it might grind your patience with its repetitive elements, the thrill of a well-executed run and the unraveling story of Zagreus make every pain worth enduring. If you’re looking for a game that tests your speed, precision, and resolve, Hades will not disappoint.

Hades offers an exhilarating experience with its intense combat and rich story. Despite some repetitive elements, it remains a standout in the rogue-like genre, earning a solid 4 out of 5 stars.

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