Scene: It’s a typical late afternoon in 1987. The sun is casting a warm, golden hue through the living room window as RetroGamer84 and GamerFan settle down on the carpet in front of the TV. The NES is already buzzing with excitement as the familiar electronic music of Mike Tyson’s Punch-Out!! fills the room.


RetroGamer84 Alright, we’ve got the game on and we’re ready to rumble. Little Mac’s going all the way to the top today. What do you think, GamerFan?

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GamerFan Definitely! I love how this game captures the essence of boxing with its vibrant characters and strategic gameplay. It’s amazing to think we’re controlling a 17-year-old up-and-comer from the Bronx. Little Mac might be small, but he’s got the heart of a champion.

RetroGamer84 For sure. Each opponent has their own unique style and patterns. And the minor circuit is just the beginning. We’ll be facing tougher opponents as we climb the ranks. Remember Glass Joe? His movements are slow. I think it’s the perfect warm-up.

GamerFan Glass Joe is a piece of cake, but look out for Von Kaiser. He’s a bit more tricky with his counter punches. I’ve read in Nintendo Power that if you hit him at the right moment during one of his taunts, you can knock him down instantly.

RetroGamer84 Nice! Nintendo Power is like our secret weapon. It’s so great we’ve got a mag dedicated to our favorite games!

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GamerFan Totally. And speaking of secrets, don’t forget to press the SELECT button between rounds for a health boost. It’s a little trick that can make a huge difference later on, especially in the Major Circuit.

RetroGamer84 I read somewhere that the Major Circuit introduces characters like Great Tiger and King Hippo. Talk about a step up in challenge! Great Tiger’s teleportation move is wild. Do you remember how to counter it?

GamerFan Yes! When his gem flashes, hit him; it stops him in his tracks. As for King Hippo, hitting him in the mouth and then landing punches on his stomach is the key. He’s like an impenetrable fortress otherwise.

RetroGamer84 Right! And the World Circuit is a whole different ball game with Mr. Sandman and Super Macho Man. Their speed and power are really intense. I can only imagine facing Mike Tyson at the end.

Screenshot 3

GamerFan (grinning) Speaking of Mike Tyson, did you know he signed on after winning the WBC Heavyweight title? Nintendo’s really upped the stakes with that endorsement.

RetroGamer84 I read about that. Quite the catch! Also heard that the team behind the game includes Shigeru Miyamoto helping out with the NES port. No wonder it’s so good with him involved.

GamerFan Agreed! And how about that final match against Tyson? (Spoiler alert!) His punches are lightning fast. If you can survive the first 90 seconds, you’ve got a chance. Remember, the key is to dodge and counter-punch.

RetroGamer84 Absolutely. Countless hours practicing dodging those dynamite punches! When you finally land that winning blow and see Little Mac crowned as the World Video Boxing Association Champion, it’s such a rush. Tyson might be the baddest man on the planet, but we’ve got the skills to take him down.

Screenshot 4

GamerFan Totally! This game’s a gem in the growing NES library. It combines incredible strategy with reflexive play; no wonder it’s become a cultural icon. And those animations! Each boxer’s personality shines through, making every match unique.

RetroGamer84 True, the animations are top-notch for 1987. Next time we boot this up, we should try for best times and scores, not just the win. I hear there are speedrun challenges getting popular.

GamerFan Sounds like a plan! Today’s about seeing Little Mac to the top, and then maybe passing on some tips to other NES aficionados. Let’s see if we can get some high scores to brag about in the next issue of Nintendo Fun Club News.

RetroGamer84 Agreed. It’s one thing to beat the game; it’s another to ace it with style. Ready to give it another go?

Screenshot 5

GamerFan reaching for the controller: You bet! Let’s get into the ring and show them what Little Mac’s made of. Time to take down King Hippo and earn our shot at the title.

RetroGamer84 Let’s do this! Little Mac, we’re with you every step, jab, and uppercut along the way!

With a determined nod of collective agreement, the two friends immerse themselves into the thrilling world of Mike Tyson’s Punch-Out!! The afternoon is young, and the dream fight with Iron Mike is within their grasp.

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