Welcome to Rain World, a survival platformer inspired by 16-bit classics. As a speedrunner who loves fast, action-packed gameplay, I had mixed feelings. Survival games often require a slower pace. So, how does Rain World hold up for someone who loves speed and precision?

Engaging Survival Mechanics

In Rain World, you play as a small slugcat navigating a hostile world full of predators, heavy rain, and old ruins. The game focuses on stealth and strategy over brute force. You must learn the ecosystem and use strategic thinking, which is different from the high-speed action I usually enjoy. The controls feel smooth, and the physics-driven movement adds depth, requiring precision and practice.

screenshot_0_Rain World: A Slugcat's Survival Odyssey

Beautiful 16-bit Graphics

Rain World shines with its 16-bit inspired graphics. It evokes nostalgic charm while feeling fresh and atmospheric. The environments are beautifully rendered, capturing the eerie and decayed world your slugcat must traverse. The creature designs are both fascinating and terrifying, contributing to a world that feels alive and deadly.

Rich Environmental Storytelling

Separated from your family by a devastating flood, you must survive long enough to reunite with them. The world is rich with implicit storytelling. Ancient civilizations and cryptic clues hint at a larger, mysterious narrative. While the story isn’t delivered through traditional dialogue or cutscenes, the environment tells a compelling tale of survival and perseverance.

screenshot_1_Rain World: A Slugcat's Survival Odyssey

Vulnerable Yet Determined Protagonist

Your character, the slugcat, feels endearingly vulnerable, which enhances the tension and stakes of the gameplay. Predators constantly threaten you and guide your understanding of the ecosystem. Their AI behaves unpredictably, requiring you to stay on your toes.

A Challenging Departure

As someone who thrives on speed and precision, I found Rain World to be a challenging departure from my usual fare. The slow pace and high difficulty curve may not appeal to all speedrunners. However, the game’s unique mechanics and hauntingly beautiful world offer something genuinely different. The mix of stealth, strategy, and survival makes for an engaging experience, though one that requires patience and resilience.

screenshot_2_Rain World: A Slugcat's Survival Odyssey


  • Beautiful 16-bit inspired graphics
  • Engaging and challenging gameplay mechanics
  • Rich environmental storytelling


  • Slow pace may deter fans of fast gameplay
  • High difficulty curve

screenshot_3_Rain World: A Slugcat's Survival Odyssey

Final Thoughts

Rain World is a beautifully crafted game with much to offer. Its slow pace and high difficulty may not suit everyone, especially those accustomed to faster, adrenaline-fueled gameplay.

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

screenshot_4_Rain World: A Slugcat's Survival Odyssey

Pro Tip: Observe the behaviors of predators before making a move. Learning their patterns and using the environment to your advantage can make the difference between life and death. Patience and caution are your best friends in Rain World.

Want to check it out yourself? Click here to see it on Steam.